Killed in Action Tributes

This page was created in order to share online, the sacrifices that our community has made in the defense of our nation. Since 2008 at our Memorial Day ceremony, Post 178 has highlighted one of our communities servicemen who in the words of President Abraham Lincoln, “gave their last full measure of devotion” in the service of the Republic. 

This page is different from the Roll of Honor page in that it highlights only those servicemen who were casualties of direct combat with the enemy. IE those members of the armed forces listed either KIA (Killed in Action) or DOW (Died of Wounds). Those members of the armed forces listed DOI (Died of Injuries) or DNB (Died – Non Battle) will not be listed here because those are non-combat deaths.

This project is ongoing, and will take many months and years of research and interviews before it will be complete. If you have any information on any of those who have fallen from the Village of Millerton, or the Town of North East please contact the Post Historian at  

The Korean War

Martin R. Dean Jr.

Vietnam War

Bradley J. Simmons

The Global War on Terror 

Zachary Cuddeback

* The WW1 Tributes for John Kyle Smith and William McLaughlin were presented jointly as part of the Killed in Action Tribute for the Posts 2018 Memorial Day observance.

Recorded Killed in Action Tributes