Millerton Legion Post in the News 1950’s News Articles

There have been many news stories published in local papers over the years and we are fortunate to have some of them preserved by previous members of the Post in scrap books and the like. In an effort to preserve them for posterity and share them with you the post is in the process of where possible to digitize them and share them online. Many of these will be in a searchable PDF format.

Click on the available hyperlinks below to search for articles from years past. To better aid in organization and search ability they are categorized by decade. Not all articles have known newspapers or dates. Where dates are not recorded a best guess “circa” date is approximated based on the context of where in the records the article is found.


American Legion Makes Plans for Memorial Service – c. May 1950

Minute of Silence to be Observed for Armistice Day – c. November 1950

Legion Posts Open for ‘Tide of Toys’ – December 21, 1950


County (Legion) urges Universal Military Training In Session at Millerton

Richard Tanner Installed Legion Post Commander – May 1951

Varied Program planned for Millerton Centennial – June 14, 1951


Hubert Cleavland Named Legion Post Commander – c. May 1952




Hundreds Cheer Area’s Marchers as Sun Shines on Memorial Day – June 02, 1955

Legion Notes – September 8, 1955

Post Notice for Oil Bids – November 24, 1955


Memorial Day Program – May 24, 1956


Memorial Day Program – May 30, 1957


Services Conducted by Millerton Legion Post on Veterans Day – November 13, 1958

Legion Notes – November 27, 1958

Legion Notes – December 18, 1958

Children’s Christmas Party Sponsored by Legion to be at Millerton School – December 25, 1958